Wednesday, June 17


Sorry, didn't mean to FFK, but I'm just toooooo lazy to get out from my bed.

We can still go drink at 6pm some other day. Seriously, talking about hardcore!

Sorry Dede, don't call me FFK queen coz I'm not the pioneer :)

Love you


Good night!

Monday, June 1


Congratulations, Dede!

You've finally graduated from your 1 months training :) and I miss you. Haha.

Tho this is no where better than the hell above..but still glad to have you back. Coz at least we're suffering together. LOL


Thursday, May 21

New Vocab

People like me doesn't worth to be your friend. I'm not good enough, that's why I'm pathetically alone now. I should not have friends, I should not have anyone. I should be alone. So just leave me alone. Thank you. I need to revise new vocabularies I've learned lately.

I should have learn how to act INNOCENT. Oh no, I must now learn to be a HYPOCRITE too. Gosh, so many new vocab for me to learn. Wait, one more thing, BACKSTABBER. Now, I'm done revising my vocab.

Good night, ladies and gentlemen. Have a good rest :)

"Whatever" is the only word left...

Why don't you just leave me alone and leave things as it is? You have each other, you're happy and I'm happy with things the way it is.

You don't have to go around the world asking for reason. It's okay if you involved others, but please, just leave me alone. I don't wanna hear anything about you talking about me anymore. People told you once, twice and gazillion times. Why bother to ask if you're not ready to accept and change?

Seriously, you're an adult, so act like one. I hope this is the very last time I'm writing anything that has to do with you. Honestly, if you would be happier to make me look like a bad guy, by all means, go ahead. I don't care how people judge me. Those who know me well, they know me. Those who buy your words, too bad. I have a life, and I think you should get one too.

To me, you're just a pathetically insecure kid. You said you don't care anymore..then why are you still telling the whole wide world that you don't understand?? Up to this point, you're still contradicting yourself. Why? Can't you learn to shuddup and fuck off? You're so whatever, little girl. It's a pity that, at times, I felt like I'm older than you guys.

It's obvious enough for you to realize that I DON'T CARE anymore. Why can't you even leave me in peace in my those pathetic few days leave? I still respect you at work, but please, don't make me to lose even that little respect I have left for you.

Good night, little hypo.

Friday, May 1

To the Hypocrites

Dear Hypocrites,

Congratulations! You're finally on my nerves.

Let me tell you one thing! The art of talking - something you need to learn. You need to learn this in order for you to be at the position you wanted. You need to learn this so that you won't get on our nerves again.

I wasn't the one who did something wrong. We were trying our best to be nice to you. She did her best to talk to you. Can't you see? Well, I guess you don't coz you are blinded probably by your vitamin 'L'. Stop pointing your fingers at others and act innocent.

I guess you will never look back at what you've done. Otherwise, you would not be shamelessly claiming that you did not mistreat and lied to your friends. Oh sorry, that's what friends are for. Someone who can be lied to and being mistreated. Now I see. Well, you might think otherwise, but judging the way you treated us, the friends, that's how I felt.

I'm on the edge of losing my temper, again. Don't try your luck anymore, honey. I'm not someone who can forgive and forget. I forgive once but that doesn't mean I forgot what you've done to me, as a friend. I have no mercy once the trust issue is brought up. You should have known how I can turn my back to someone I dislike. So stop asking me if I have anything to talk to you, I don't 'coz I'm not the one who mistreated her friends. And no, I don't need to confront you either. It's your life, none of my business.

Try harder next time, hypocrites.